Hi – I’m back!

Hi guys, I really hope you are all keeping well. Having taken some time out for a while and put in for a mental health referral with my GP, I have been distracting myself with my new reptile.

This is a painted agama – it’s a bit like a bearded dragon, but will end up smaller. He’s called ‘seven’ because that was his clutch number. Although he’s recently shed and has lost his number now. He has beautiful orange and black markings and I will grab a new shot of him soon. If I were to rename him, I would be tempted to call him Wally as, like the film character, he gets up every morning and recharges himself – in seven’s case, by hanging from the protective cage around his ceiling UV bulb.

Despite lockdown, I managed to sell 7 books through the Adopt and Artist scheme running in nearby Taunton. Sadly, the shop who supported me is closing down and I am now looking for a new place to display my books in Taunton.

Come September, Elizabeth Jade class will take on a new name. I am saddened to think it didn’t get the use I would have liked with all the lockdowns, but it was still nice to have been chosen. I hope they go on to have a more settled school year.

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