The most unusual interview

Most written interviews are something that can take me weeks of slaving over, while verbal interviews – such as on radio – are something I couldn’t handle at all. Right now, I’m in the middle of an interview that sits uniquely between the two.

Mark Shultz, who has combined a love of books with a super keen eye, is not only the most amazing proofreader and hyperspeller I have ever come across, but he also combines the book reviews on his website with an author interview which takes place in the comment box below. It’s an incredibly clever idea and something that I am enjoying immensely. Why not pop along and watch my interview develop at:

And if you are a writer, take a look at the rest of the site too. You won’t regret it.

News and interviews

I’m excited to have my first feature in a magazine, and what’s more, it’s a whole 3 pages worth. The article looks in detail at how autism affects my life and writing, and how I’ve used some of my earnings to help the Cats Protection charity. Let’s hope this is the first of many opportunities to share my personal story as well as my books.

I’ve also had the privilege of being interviewed by author, Colin Garrow, who’s incredible Jack London comparison has me itching to write more adventures for Akea. So if you’ve ever wondered, ‘Do I write to please my readers or to please myself?’ or ‘Have I ever used real people/animals or real experiences to create characters/plots?’ Then his interview will answer these interesting questions and many more. Why not pop over to his website and take a look – Author Interview.

World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! Today you could have knocked me over with a feather. Young Lilith has dressed up for World Book Day as Akea! How amazing is that?

World Book Day
Lilith, age 7

Found it!

I’m relieved to say that I have found the missing first draft for the third story in the Akea series? Where was it?


Well, not quite in a hole in the ground, but in that equally obscure yet safe place that’s the last place you remember to look for it…

I’m going to have a rough read through soon before starting work on the first edit, but first I need to get geared up for Autism Awareness Month in April and any events I get involved in this year. I hadn’t realised how much work I would need to put in now that I have two books out. Suddenly, all last year’s stuff is… well… so last year!


Awesome About Autism

Although I mention my autism on my books, guest blogs and interviews, this month I was asked by Magic Beans Bookstore to give a more detailed account of how being autistic has affected my life and writing. Let me give you a taster:

“I was the child that struggled to fit in, but no-one knew why; the child who could tell you everything that had been going on around them all day, but couldn’t remember what the lesson was about; who heard the teachers instructions, but still didn’t know what to do and got told off for not listening. And I was the child who hid when the vacuum cleaner came out at home, even in their teens – My name is Elizabeth Jade. I’m a children’s author and animal lover living in the UK, and this is my story. “(read more…)

Supporting Animal Charities

This month I was privileged to discover a fellow children’s author with an incredible passion for animals. Let me tell you about her.

VeganEve Louise Davies is a Welsh-born writer who became a vegetarian after a school trip to a farm at four years of age. On returning home, Eve refused to eat any meat products – stating that it was ‘dead animal.’ Later in life, Eve discovered the horrors of the dairy and egg industries and subsequently became vegan. She decided to create storybooks that are more representative of the unnecessarily cruel way many animals are treated than traditional animal-related children’s books would have children believe. Thirty per cent of the profit form each book is donated to one of three UK Animal Sanctuaries – Dean Farm Trust, Horse and Farm Sanctuary or Help for Dogs.

As Eve didn’t think any publishers would be interested in vegan-themed children’s books, she decided to self-publish through Amazon under the publishing name of ‘Animal Tails Charity Vegan Books’. After initially paying an illustrator which cost close to £1000 she then partnered with an illustrator who illustrates for free and receives equal profit. This partnership produced more than just great books. When they first met, the illustrator was a meat-eater, who became vegetarian and is now currently working towards becoming vegan along with her family.

To date – Eve has donated £276.65 to animal charities.
Find out more at: Animal Tails Charity Books

Vegan 2


In the news

It’s always good to be in the local paper, but it’s even better to be in the county paper. I must admit though, this is the first time I’ve had a black background to an article about me. It does stand out rather well, don’t you think? Gazette 16.1.20