Radio Interview

Earlier in the month, I was interviewed by BBC Somerset Radio. Two questions that really stuck in my mind were, ‘How did I feel about my Asperger diagnosis’, and ‘How did I feel about having a junior class named after me.’

As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, being asked how I feel about something is probably one of the hardest questions in the world. Somehow, I actually succeeded in answering both questions, and you can listen to those answers here:

InBath Magazine

InBath magazine is a new online entertainment and leisure magazine. Focusing on what’s on listings, interviews, food and drink, competitions and much more.

I’ve just completed a full spread interview with them which will be featured in the November edition. I’ve seen the sneak peek and it’s brill. There were some tricky questions for someone with Aspergers, like ‘How do you feel about…?’ But hopefully, it gives an in depth look into life on my side of the spectrum.

Watch this space…

Elizabeth Jade Class

When I wrote to Oldfield Park Junior School to thank them for naming a class after me, I never expected to see my three bullet points up on the class board alongside so many huskies. Each child had written what makes them unique. I received a large number of thank you letters and hand drawn husky pictures too. It was all rather exciting.

It was an incredible few weeks, as I also had a newspaper article on the topic, and recorded my first radio interview about my autism and having a class named after me. Since then, I’ve written back to the school, and I also look forward to hearing my interview when it is broadcast.

Bringing myself back to earth was hard, but book 3 beckons, and I must crack on… wish me luck!

Smorgasbord Children’s Cafe and Bookstore – Share your Children’s book reviews – #Nature #Humour The Earthkeepers by Shawn Underhill reviewed by Jemima Pett

Sounds like a great book

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the new series where you can share your reviews for any children’s books you have read recently and posted on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads or any other online bookstore. If you would like more details here is the post that explains how it works:Showcasing Children’s books

Today I am going to share one of Jemima Pett’sreviews for a children’s book – The Earthkeepers by Shawn Underhill.

About the book

For nine-year-old Ethan Dewfield, talking with his dog is an everyday occurrence. Add to this the fact that he lives not in a regular house but in a sprawling hilltop inn, and what you’ll find is a highly unusual boy with a unique tale to tell. In this personally narrated account he discovers the depths of his abilities, makes new friends, goes for a long walk in the snow, meets a special pack of wolves known as…

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Children In Read

Do I mean Children in Need? Well, yes and no!

BBC Children in Need is a charity that provides grants and funding to projects based in the UK that have the aim of helping disadvantaged young people. The 2020 appeal show takes place on 13th November.

Children in Read is an auction of signed books and items donated by celebrated Authors and Illustrators from around the world, the proceeds from which go to Children in Need. There are over 500 lots in every genre you could think of – from Phillip Pullman to Nigella Lawson, and from Carole Matthews to Robbie Fowler and Mary Beard. Oh, and my husky/wolf stories are in there too.

The Children in Read auction is live now, and will run until Children in Need night on 13th November. So pop along and have a look. As well as helping raise funds, you could find your next #mustread too.

Reviews & Visibility

Like most authors, I am always in need of reviews for my books. This recent review for Akea – The Power of Destiny on Goodreads, really made my day.

Aug 09, 2020Children’s Bookshelf rated it Five Stars

Wonderfully written chapter book! A coming of age story written from the dog’s point of view. Been reading it with my third graders and they’re getting into it. Really interesting about the pack rules and dynamics of a sled dog’s life. Ultimately about friendship and finding your way in the world. This is a great read and also part one of a series. Definitely worth checking out! It was exceptional. I enjoyed the dialogue the wolves had with each other. The action sequences were well planned and executed. The violence was not very explicit to preserve the sensibilities of younger readers.

Sadly, my second book, Akea – His Mother’s Son, isn’t getting as many reviews as I would like, although I suspect this is largely due to people’s attention being elsewhere since March. However, if you have read either of my books, pretty ‘please’… can you spare a moment to review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Visibility is another issue for writers. For this, I can highly recommend Smorgasborg Blog Magazine. They have a Cafe and Bookstore feature and another specifically for children’s books.

Sally puts a great deal of effort into showcasing the different books, and her followers are very interactive in the comments section. Of course, it’s also a great place to find your next #mustread, so why not pop along and have a browse. Be sure to take along your coffee or tea, after all, it does say Cafe and bookstore.

Can you help?

I heard today, that Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary wants to hear from children about their favourite books, but not just books by celebrity authors or well publicised books. He wants to hear about the books by lesser known authors.

If you have read one of the Akea books, particularly if it’s been read to or by a child, please email him at and give me a shout out. Thank you so much for your help.

purple petaled flower and thank you card
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Ooh, that’s me!

Having been told I was to have a class named after me, I thought it would be good to follow Oldfield Park Junior School (@OPJS) on social media and get to know them a little bit. I am so glad I did because now I have seen the proof…OPJS

Aside from the classic books by AA Milne and Dr Seuss, I wondered why the other authors had been chosen. A little research revealed that one author is dyslexic (definitely a challenge for a writer) and several were former Children’s Laureate, so these have likely been chosen as inspirational authors for the children.

I still find it hard to imagine myself as an inspiration to others, but I believe this photo may help it to sink in. Either way, I look forward to seeing what they make of their books, bookmarks and word searches in September.

The Author Behind the Words

It was exciting enough to see the digital version of the latest Somerset Life magazine, but to actually hold my first glossy magazine article in my hand is even better. Seems hard to believe it’s me, but I’m sure it will sink in eventually.