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“Akea is a beautiful tale about her finding herself and discovering her purpose. The book is wonderfully written and a really pleasant read.”

Laura Hopgood – Author of ‘Diversion to Urasha’


dave twitter“It’s a beautiful story that pulls you into its heart. You go through every part of Akea’s emotional and heartfelt journey to discover who she is and what she is destined to become.”

Gabriel Blake – Author of ‘The Mother of All Things’ (www.gabrielblake.com)


“This is a heartfelt epic that will delight young and old readers alike. It has an appealing writing style and the overarching message – discover yourself to discover your destiny.”

Dean Mayes – Author of ‘The Recipient’ (www.deanfromaustralia.com)



“Her writing style is fresh and thoughtful with a good feel for plot and character.”  Colin Garrow, Author (www.colingarrow.org)

“I read this on holiday; a great read with lots going on. I look forward to the next one.” – Sam Sawczyn, mother of three

“I quickly found myself immersed in Akea.  I practically lived her emotional and physical journey that affected the lives of everyone she met.”  Peter Perrin, Author (www.peterperrin.org)

“It was great to read a book with such engaging characters and plot twists.” Jason Peters  Producer/Editor of Wildlife Film News  (www.wildlife-film.com)