What it means to be different

Every now and then you come across those selfless people whose sole desire is to help others.  Well, I recently came across one such man, whose aim is to help new authors to be seen and read. Leonard Tillerman delves into each book he reviews as if with a powerful microscope. His dissection of ‘Akea – The Power of Destiny’ left me wanting to read it – and I wrote it. I am delighted to share the start of his review here:

“Have you ever considered what it actually means to be “different”?  To step outside the norms of society and truly be yourself, despite the sideways glances, outright disapproval and criticism which may inevitably follow.  To be true to one’s self undoubtedly requires a fair degree of courage and fortitude.  A willingness to persevere despite overwhelming odds.  Now apply this concept to the animal kingdom.  You will find that it is not really that much different.  Various groups of animals have their own set of rules and norms and to step outside these could lead to a very swift demise.  If such notions have sparked your interest, then Akea- The Power of Destiny by author Elizabeth Jade will be an absolute treat!”

You can read the rest of this indepth look at ‘Akea’ and maybe even find your next book on Leonard Tillerman’s book review site HERE.



If you enjoy learning about an author, then Linda’s book bag is for you. It’s an unusual way to go about an interview and thoroughly enjoyable to take part in. You can read my interview HERE.

lindas book bag

The Big Wide World

After a lot of hard work, I’ve managed to place Akea on sale at several independent bookshops within easy reach, and also at a prestigious shopping village in South Devon.


I’m getting the hang of my newsletter, which contains sneak peeks at the illustrations for my 2nd book as they become available. I’ve been supported by some great authors via social media too.

Having Aspergers and anxiety is making marketing a challenge, but I’m always open to advice, so if this is your thing be sure to let me know.


Blog Tours & Social Media

It can be a challenge to market any book, but especially when you are an unkown author. I recently came across Rachel’s Random Resources as a result of a positive experience by a fellow author.

This has proven to be one of those times when maintaining a social media presence pays off.  Rachel’s Random Resources offers great value for money and she has an extensive network of popular book bloggers that I couldn’t even attempt to connect with on my own.

So I have been busy sending off copies of Akea to those taking part in my own blog tour in August.  I have even managed to select some atmospheric extracts for those who have requested them.  Now I have reached the final stage of my prep work – writing some guest posts.  This will be the more challenging part of my blog tour.

Hopefully, once this is all done, I can sit back and focus on the second book in my Akea series. Of course, that’s not including attending the local events I have managed to get involved with, but more about that another time.

Newsletter & News


Those of you who follow my blog will be interested to know that I have set up a subscribe page for a newsletter.  The plan is to provide exclusive content about my next book, ‘Akea – His Mother’s Son’ by way of progress reports, sneak peeks at art work etc.

New subscribers will receive a welcome letter which includes links to download chapter one from this work in progress and a rough draft of the illustration for the chapter, provided by our wonderful illustrator, Anthony Wallis.

It’s a tricky thing trying to juggle marketing a current work while working on a new one, but I know the authors among you will appreciate it more than most.  I hope you will join me on this journey by subscribing to my newsletter HERE. I promise not to flood your inbox, but to simply keep you in the loop with just a tad of anticipation, perhaps.

I’ve also been busy with Autism Awareness Week and sharing my book with the local library, but perhaps more on that in my next newsletter….


Author Elizabeth Jade and Stephanie Franklin (manager)



New venture…


Visit the website


It’s exciting to think about those opportunities that come out of the blue. One of my Facebook groups had a post with the above photo, inviting children’s book authors to get in touch.  To help launch this new venture, there would be no upfront costs.  £1 commission per book sold was the only expenditure and money for the books would be paid before posting.

Akea – The Power of Destiny was vetted by the founder and then included in the magazine, along with a wordsearch we designed (I couldn’t manage without support from my mum, due to my Aspergers).

Then, much to my surprise, an order and payment came through for 35 books as mine had been chosen as the free gift incentive for schools who signed up for the magazine. I can’t think of a better testimony to my book than this; except of course all the wonderful people who helped me to put together a testimonials page for my website and media kit.


My next task is to get to grips with the whole newsletter and mailing list thing, but I have a feeling my new friends will be able to help with that too – thanks guys!


It’s A Big World Out There

Being a new author can feel rather like being a single star in a vast expanse of sky. Everyone seems to be doing it, but only the well known ones stand out. On the other hand, to quote from the 2004 film ‘Pride’ – On our own we sparkle, but together we shine.’

That’s indeed been the case for me this month. Thanks to social media, I’ve managed to connect with some really great people who want to help authors to shine.

Crowd the hour
Visit Crowd The Hour


Crowd the Hour is a new website looking to feature new authors, artists and entrepreneurs each week.  I was lucky to find out about it early enough to be featured for free as part of its launch.



Raspberry reads
Visit Raspberry Sassafras


Raspberry Sassafras is a series of children’s books by Allison Holland.  Allison has a fabulous website where she not only showcases her own stories, but helps to shine the spotlight on others. It’s a fabulous way for authors to help support other authors.



Welly Weekly Feb 18
Visit Authors In The News


One of the most exciting Facebook groups I discovered recently was ‘Authors In The News’ which is run by Kristin Spiers. Kristin uses her expertise to help others use the media to their advantage.  With the help of her free template, I was able to create the above press release for our local newspaper and to do so to the right standard for them to paste it straight in without changing anything. Her advice to be newsworthy rather than trying to sell books through the newspapers could well help to sell books anyway.


It’s been a busy month and I have a feeling it’s not over yet. Here’s hoping that by supporting one another, we can all shine a little brighter with time.