Flyers and Fellow Authors

I have recently spent some time chatting with new author Peter Perrin.  He has written a seasoned romance story; a much over-looked genre.  Talking about his book, Peter says:

“I believed the younger generation thought most people over the age of sixty had one foot in the grave, and were just killing time until the grim reaper claimed them. But, I knew that wasn’t the case for many people. So, I looked for a way to write something to show them in a positive light and with love in their lives.

I got the idea to write a romance, with the hero and heroine being over sixty. The idea is to show that mature characters can have romance, relationships, and even sex.”

His book, ‘Grace’s Turmoil’ will be the first in a series called ‘Not Too Old for Love. Starting off life as an eBook, it will be available from from 15th December and from Amazon as an eBook or paperback by Xmas.  This beautifully crafted story will be of great interest to the mature reader.

We also talked about the use of flyers as a marketing tool and, inspired by Peter, I set to work to design one for Akea. Writing in entirely opposite genres means the flyers are equally different, but it is an excellent example of how ‘two heads are better than one’.  Collaborating in some way with a fellow author is both informative and enjoyable. I can thoroughly recommend it.

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