Great Opportunities

My local town of Wellington produces a community and marketing booklet on a bi-monthly basis which is hand delivered to roughly 1600 homes. Tonight, I was thrilled to receive the latest copy in which Akea is reviewed in a new feature entitled A Good Read.

As well as reviewing the book, the editor included an interesting piece on Aspergers and the challenges it can present.  His comments were encouraging and hopefully will provide a perfect compliment to all the flyers that have recently been distributed locally in the last week or so.

Speaking of flyers – Not being the sort to miss an opportunity, my mother stopped off part way to Secret World Wildlife Rescue with a poorly hedgehog (she’s a response driver) to stand outside a primary school for 10 minutes and hand out more flyers to parents arriving to collect their children.  Don’t worry about the hedgehog; she was happily snoozing in a box in the car with a warm towel and a hot water bottle.



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