New venture…


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It’s exciting to think about those opportunities that come out of the blue. One of my Facebook groups had a post with the above photo, inviting children’s book authors to get in touch.  To help launch this new venture, there would be no upfront costs.  £1 commission per book sold was the only expenditure and money for the books would be paid before posting.

Akea – The Power of Destiny was vetted by the founder and then included in the magazine, along with a wordsearch we designed (I couldn’t manage without support from my mum, due to my Aspergers).

Then, much to my surprise, an order and payment came through for 35 books as mine had been chosen as the free gift incentive for schools who signed up for the magazine. I can’t think of a better testimony to my book than this; except of course all the wonderful people who helped me to put together a testimonials page for my website and media kit.


My next task is to get to grips with the whole newsletter and mailing list thing, but I have a feeling my new friends will be able to help with that too – thanks guys!


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