Blog Tours & Social Media

It can be a challenge to market any book, but especially when you are an unkown author. I recently came across Rachel’s Random Resources as a result of a positive experience by a fellow author.

This has proven to be one of those times when maintaining a social media presence pays off.  Rachel’s Random Resources offers great value for money and she has an extensive network of popular book bloggers that I couldn’t even attempt to connect with on my own.

So I have been busy sending off copies of Akea to those taking part in my own blog tour in August.  I have even managed to select some atmospheric extracts for those who have requested them.  Now I have reached the final stage of my prep work – writing some guest posts.  This will be the more challenging part of my blog tour.

Hopefully, once this is all done, I can sit back and focus on the second book in my Akea series. Of course, that’s not including attending the local events I have managed to get involved with, but more about that another time.

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