Indie Author Week – Meet Sue Wickstead

I’d like to introduce you to some lovely children’s #IndieAuthors. It was a pleasure to chat with them, and I hope you will enjoy learning about them and their books. Don’t forget to #sharethebooklove. Here’s my first author:

Sue Wickstead  with Jay-Jay Playbus stories for 5-8 year-olds

sue wickstead

Find out more at Sue’s website:

Or on social media:  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram

Waterstones      WH Smiths      Amazon UK




3 thoughts on “Indie Author Week – Meet Sue Wickstead

  1. Thank you for sharing my books.
    I have a Christmas book too. All of my books have a bus in them somewhere, which was indeed difficult with the Christmas book, but it is there.
    Two more books coming in the autumn, those bus wheels certainly are still turning


  2. Thank you for sharing information about my books.
    I have indeed got a bus in every book, which was quite tricky with the 6th book, A Christmas Play Rehearsal, but there always has to be a bus!
    Two more books 📚 due out this autumn, the bus wheels are certainly still turning.
    Glad to be part of indie authors week

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