Interview by Alyssa Rose


alyssaAlyssa Rose has always been a keen reader, and has a passion for writing  YA fantasy/fiction. When not writing, Alyssa can be found helping her fellow authors through interviews on her blog. Why not visit her website – you could find your next favourite author there…

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alyssa myself:

Are you an indie author or a traditionally published author?

At its most basic, indie author means there is no separate publisher involved, but there has been a blurring of the line between indie author and indie publisher that seems to be mostly related to the size and scope of the business. For myself, I’m published through a small independent publisher and take on the responsibility for marketing, etc. So, in a broad sense – I am an Indie Author.

Tell me a little about your writing journey, thus far… (Read More)

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