Help Save A Husky Rescue

This is a difficult time for many charities, but one that is dear to my heart is Share RescueIf many hands make light work, then many small donations could soon add up and help save a valued husky rescue. But I’ll allow them to explain in more detail.





“We are about to pay our £900 kennel bill. As of now, we categorically cannot afford next month’s £900 bill, our accounts will be empty. With accounts empty, our doors will be shut, we will have to sign our kennel babies over to other rescues and we cannot help the beautiful dogs that need us.

At this time, we don’t want to ask for help as so many people all over the world are struggling but we now have no choice but to beg. Every penny helps, every single one.
If you can’t donate, please share our plea, that is equally valuable and appreciated by us.
Without you, we are nothing. We have no funding, no paid staff, no help at all from anyone but our supporters. We need you now more than ever.

Please… if you can, help us…
Our PayPal address is PLEASE make sure Family and Friends is checked or we get charged a fee xx… Or if a bank transfer is easier, please contact us for the details. Thank you!”


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