Time to Celebrate

It’s funny how you can go from having nothing to say, to not knowing where to start. Something amazing happened yesterday, but I’m going to save that till last. Just for fun,  let’s put this in the form of a list of things to celebrate that just gets better and better. Here goes…

  1. I’ve got my first snake, and have handled it alone and without wearing gloves.
  2.  I’ve started writing again; not the end of my next Akea story, but something new.
  3.  There is an article about me in the August edition of Somerset Life Magazine.
  4.  A junior school in Bath wants to name one of it’s classrooms after me in September.

Feel free to read that last one again if you need to. I think I’ve read the email about that a dozen times and it still won’t sink in. In fact, I’m not sure if that should come under #celebrate or just #pinchme.

Apparently, each school year they choose new class names based on a specific theme. For the new school year, they will be naming classes after authors and I have been chosen to have a class named after me as they thought I would be an inspirational figure, particularly for those who struggle slightly more than others in school. They also want to use my books to encourage a discussion on what makes them different and how they can celebrate their difference.

2 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate

  1. I’m still on the ‘you what’ stage of processing that. I have replied, but now I’m worried they haven’t received my email and think I’m being rude. If I don’t hear back by Wednesday, I think I will resend it and maybe send one to the main school email, in case the teacher made a typing error with her email.


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