Reviews & Visibility

Like most authors, I am always in need of reviews for my books. This recent review for Akea – The Power of Destiny on Goodreads, really made my day.

Aug 09, 2020Children’s Bookshelf rated it Five Stars

Wonderfully written chapter book! A coming of age story written from the dog’s point of view. Been reading it with my third graders and they’re getting into it. Really interesting about the pack rules and dynamics of a sled dog’s life. Ultimately about friendship and finding your way in the world. This is a great read and also part one of a series. Definitely worth checking out! It was exceptional. I enjoyed the dialogue the wolves had with each other. The action sequences were well planned and executed. The violence was not very explicit to preserve the sensibilities of younger readers.

Sadly, my second book, Akea – His Mother’s Son, isn’t getting as many reviews as I would like, although I suspect this is largely due to people’s attention being elsewhere since March. However, if you have read either of my books, pretty ‘please’… can you spare a moment to review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Visibility is another issue for writers. For this, I can highly recommend Smorgasborg Blog Magazine. They have a Cafe and Bookstore feature and another specifically for children’s books.

Sally puts a great deal of effort into showcasing the different books, and her followers are very interactive in the comments section. Of course, it’s also a great place to find your next #mustread, so why not pop along and have a browse. Be sure to take along your coffee or tea, after all, it does say Cafe and bookstore.

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