Elizabeth Jade Class

When I wrote to Oldfield Park Junior School to thank them for naming a class after me, I never expected to see my three bullet points up on the class board alongside so many huskies. Each child had written what makes them unique. I received a large number of thank you letters and hand drawn husky pictures too. It was all rather exciting.

It was an incredible few weeks, as I also had a newspaper article on the topic, and recorded my first radio interview about my autism and having a class named after me. Since then, I’ve written back to the school, and I also look forward to hearing my interview when it is broadcast.

Bringing myself back to earth was hard, but book 3 beckons, and I must crack on… wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Jade Class

  1. This is so lovely to hear and well done.
    You have done so much and should certainly be very proud.
    I’ve read your books and they are great books for schools.
    Who knows maybe a school might like bus books one day.
    Love the classroom displays.
    Love hearing your achievements.
    Well done


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