Think local, think social!

Marketing your book can seem like an uphill struggle; like wondering on the Yorkshire Moors in a dense fog. I have been told that 10-20 years ago it was a different story (pardon the pun), that even well-known bookstores would give the lowly newbie a chance.

Today, in the UK at least, the big stores only want the big names, and the independent bookstore is a rarity; but even if you are lucky enough to have one, it can still be a challenge to get people to buy your book.  My recent flurry of book posters at local venues has produced at least one purchase from my local independent store, but only time will tell if this particular idea will prove fruitful.

Today, Social Media is presented as a useful tool, but so many fall into the trap of treating it purely as just another place to advertise. Spending time getting to know others in the same line of work can be a helpful if time-consuming tool.  In the end, it’s all about balance.

A lot of Facebook Groups fit into the mass advertising category – a sin I have been guilty of. Others have proven to be useful sources of information, including one recently which shared information about an opportunity for greater exposure for authors of children’s books, like myself.

Being a new author today is not an easy task, but supporting local businesses and taking time to encourage one another is something that can be of benefit both in and out of the writing circle.



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