The things we do for love


My bedroom is my favourite place to write, and more often than not, my lovely Shi Tzu, Kizzy is there with me. She likes to be involved with whatever I’m doing, and she loves to go out with me as much as possible too. She does wonders to help with my anxiety; although what the shopkeeper thought of me sitting on their floor with a dog draped over my knees, I will never know.

She’s a clever little thing.  I was even able to teach her to do ‘away’ and ‘come-by’ both to verbal commands and to a sheepdog whistle.  I admit this was only round a set of cones in the garden, but it looked impressive enough for me to film it and upload it to my YouTube Channel  (Ladykizzy123) as ‘The Littlest Sheepdog’. The funny thing is, that once she had taught this trick to our new flat-coat border collie, she didn’t want to play that game anymore.

For the last two days, she hasn’t been her usual bouncy self and she has insisted on going out into the garden three times during each night too. The vet gave her some antibiotics, and a probiotic paste to settle her tummy. She was apparently feeling sorry for herself as she refused to come upstairs with me to bed last night. In the end, we made the sofa into a bed for me and she happily joined me there. I have no idea if we will end up there again tonight, but us humans will do pretty much anything for those we love.


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