What it means to be different

Every now and then you come across those selfless people whose sole desire is to help others.  Well, I recently came across one such man, whose aim is to help new authors to be seen and read. Leonard Tillerman delves into each book he reviews as if with a powerful microscope. His dissection of ‘Akea – The Power of Destiny’ left me wanting to read it – and I wrote it. I am delighted to share the start of his review here:

“Have you ever considered what it actually means to be “different”?  To step outside the norms of society and truly be yourself, despite the sideways glances, outright disapproval and criticism which may inevitably follow.  To be true to one’s self undoubtedly requires a fair degree of courage and fortitude.  A willingness to persevere despite overwhelming odds.  Now apply this concept to the animal kingdom.  You will find that it is not really that much different.  Various groups of animals have their own set of rules and norms and to step outside these could lead to a very swift demise.  If such notions have sparked your interest, then Akea- The Power of Destiny by author Elizabeth Jade will be an absolute treat!”

You can read the rest of this indepth look at ‘Akea’ and maybe even find your next book on Leonard Tillerman’s book review site HERE.


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