Book Giving Day

book giving day

Book Giving Day is all about getting books into the hands of as many children as possible. Many children have limited access to books, some own no books at all. There are all sorts of ways for people to be involved.

You can donate books to charities, kids clubs, waiting rooms, any where you can think of.  You can even attach a note explaining its a gift they can feel free to take home.  The books don’t have to be brand new – although you can get some amazing deals from WHSmith – the important thing is that they are in good condition.

Many schools are in need of books too which is why I’ve decide to donate copies of my book ‘Akea’ to local primary schools. I’ve already lined up schools in urgent need of books as part of #NationalStorytellingWeek and I’ve contacted local schools about donating books to them for International #bookgiving day.

So come on, let’s get 2019 off to an amazing start, by sharing the love of books and encouraging the imagination of children in your area.

Visit: for details or to let them know how you will be sharing the love of books this 12th February.

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