Awesome About Autism & Mental Health

Here’s a heads up to watch out for my April News which will be out soon. I am excited to have a guest author with an autism connection that I find inspiring, and I hope you will to.

If you aren’t already receiving my monthly news update, then click on the free download tab and register to receive Chapter 1 from my second book which is due out this year.  You will also get to see all the illustrations we have ready so far. I’m getting really excited about this.

I’ve also started sharing #autismquotes and working on improving my #mentalhealth by establishing a veggie patch in my garden to get me out in the fresh air more. I’m looking forward to sharing more on both these topics.

57311575_1707454209399957_7475012608681050112_n   56580500_1700446006767444_3353451155513409536_n   Copy of Autism Quotes



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