Taunton Library

My lovely rep spent this afternoon at Taunton Library, who are showcasing me and my book as part of Autism Awareness Month.  There were bookmarks and word searches to hand to children which helps to catch the parents eye, and the patter goes something like this:

“Hello, I’m the rep for today’s children’s author, Elizabeth Jade, and I’m sharing her book ‘Akea’ with people. It’s a husky/wolf story told through the eyes of the animals. The target age is 7-12, but younger children enjoy having it read to them, and it makes a great light read for anyone who has a thing for huskies or wolves.”

For those without children with them, it was leaflet first and a minor adjustment to the patter.  With older ones, its handy to be able to say that this book makes a great gift for the grandchildren.

Hopefully, there will be some book sale benefits from today at a later date.

taunton library    img002 AKEA HARD WORDSEARCH JPEG



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