New Children’s Craze Hits Wellington

There are books popping up all over Wellington and everyone is invited to join in the fun. You take a book, pop it in a waterproof cover with a note, hide it somewhere, and then post a picture of the hiding place onto the Facebook page ‘Look for a Book Wellington’ to encourage other children to search for it. You can also post a picture of the books you find.

look for a book 2 (2)There are many benefits to children from reading books. It increases vocabulary, improves concentration and encourages imagination. It’s also provides the perfect one-to-one bonding time with younger children and is a great way to get them out of doors.

Word about the Look for a Book craze is spreading across the country fast. The enclosed note encourages the lucky finder to get involved by reading and re-hiding the book or by hiding one of their own pre-loved books instead.

look for a book 1

Wellington mum, Tara James (nee Rowland), came across the Taunton group on Facebook and thought it would be a wonderful thing for local children to be involved in. Jessica, Katie and Isabelle (pictured below) were thrilled to be the first to hide books in Wellington.

Tara said, “It’s a great way to educate children whilst having fun with their family and friends etc, and the idea to have our own Wellington group received a lot of positive feedback. Kathy Millington set up the ‘Look for a Book Wellington’ Facebook group for us and it has grown quickly which shows a great community spirit.”

As well as support from Lisa at Bouncy Bears Nursery, both myself and another local children’s author, Sue Medcalf, are helping to kick-start Wellington Look for a Book by hiding copies of our own books for children to find.

Sue Medcalf has written an enchanting and educational series of books about a brave badger called Itchybald Scratchet, and his fantastic furry friends. Her books are perfect for children aged 5-8.

new (2)I’m hoping to publish the second book in my Akea series for 7-11 year-olds later this year. These captivating husky/wolf stories are told through the eyes of the animals and teach the importance of loyalty and belonging. Both Sue and myself will be represented at the Somerset County Show later this month.

Look for a Book is a fun way to encourage children both to read and to do something for others by sharing their own books. So, next time you are out and about in Wellington, keep your eyes open for their next read.

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