New Review – Thrilling Comments

A new book review always creates mixed feelings: Will they like it or hate it? Will anyone comment on the review? Today, I received not only a glowing book review, but several encouraging comments, which is something I don’t often see. So, I am thrilled to share not just the review, but the comments too.

“Today I’m honoured to be sharing my thoughts on a book by another talented young author. Now aged twenty-one, Akea was written by the then fourteen year old Elizabeth Jade who ‘stumbled into writing when she began to suffer from anxiety and depression’.

I’m hoping get to know Elizabeth Jade a little better when she guests on Pen and Paper (if you have any questions you’d like me to put to her please leave them in the comments) but in the meantime you can read more of her life story…”

For full article and comments, click here – Tracy’s Blog – Pen and Paper

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